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How Does Foam Spray Insulation Solve Home Pests Problems?

The continual scratching can be heard in your walls, attic, and crawl area.

You know there’s an invader in your house when your skin starts to crawl, and it’s only a matter of time before their filthy little pals come along. How will you throw them out and keep them out if you have a pest problem and they are finding their way into your home?

You may now be asking if foam spray insulation will keep mice and other vermin away. There’s a lot to answer that question, but we’ll break it down for you as part of our aim to educate homeowners. Read on to learn more about foam spray insulation. 

Is Spray Foam Effective in Repelling Mice, Rodents, and Pests?

The short answer is yes, foam spray will keep mice and other pests at bay.

In a moment, we’ll go over how that works. It’s critical first to comprehend what exactly attracts the critters in the first place.

First, we must address the most common entry points for pests such as rodents, bats, and bugs. The crawl space, rim joist, and openings in the attic area where the most air leaks occur.

These pests will run outside a structure until they find an opening when they are looking for a nice, comfy spot to stay. Essentially, the small rodent is hunting for a way out of your home.

If it’s cold outside and your house is leaking heat, that mouse will find the leak and mistake it for a warm invitation inside.

A current pest problem will not be solved by installing foam insulation in your home. Nonetheless, it may aid in the prevention of a future pest infestation.

Mice Control Spray Foam

First and foremost, you must address the current situation.

If you have a large infestation, you should hire an exterminator. So you don’t have to be concerned. Get removal services for all of the rodents from your home.

Then, especially if you detect gaps in your roof or larger cracks in your foundation, you’ll want to close up any areas where these rodents can get into your home. You’ll want to take care of such difficulties straight away.

Spray foam insulation solutions in Saskatoon can be added when this is completed.

Rodents and pests have no food value in spray foam.

When it comes to bugs, the positive thing about spray foam is that it helps seal up those cracks and crevices where it’s sprayed, making it more difficult for those unpleasant house visitors to get inside. Because spray foam forms an air seal, the inside air stays where it belongs.

The air barrier created by the spray foam leaves nothing for the varmint to find as they look for drafts coming from your home.


If the creatures have already taken up residence in your home, it is better to employ an exterminator to issue them with an eviction notice before installing foam insulation. 

Spray foam insulation is not a repellent in any form. Pests such as mice, bats, rats, and others can chew their way into and out of your home by chewing through wood. They can gnaw through the foam, of course.

Residential spray foam insulation services can help keep pests away because it acts as a second line of defense, blocking the air leaks that pests are hunting for.

Looking for a Saskatoon attic insulation contractor? Contact Polar Tech Spray Foam, the spray foam insulation experts. We provide both commercial and residential spray foam insulation services. Get a quote today! 

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