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Why Spray Foam Insulation May Not Be a DIY Project for You

Spray foam is a great vapor barrier and insulator, but because it contains chemicals, it needs to be handled properly.

Fire officials and people in the business advise you to reconsider your decision if you’re considering purchasing DIY spray foam insulation kits for your home due to safety and fire concerns.

Spray foam is a great vapor barrier and insulator, but because it contains chemicals, it needs to be handled properly. Although hardware and big box stores provide kits that let homeowners install it themselves, experts advise customers to engage specialists to complete the task.

The building regulation mandates that a licensed installer be used for the foam and the intumescent paint thermal barrier that will be applied on top of it.

The following information is on DIY spray foam and why it’s generally better to seek spray foam insulation services. 

Only for Professional Use

Usually, when discussing DIY spray foam, we’re referring to “Froth-Kits,” or disposable containers. However, these kits aren’t always as straightforward and secure as they seem. The following information on DIY spray foam and why it’s generally not a good idea is provided.

One side of the spray foam is a polyol (B), and the other is isocyanate (A-Side). These two compounds must be carefully combined under ideal circumstances. Anyone attempting to spray two-component polyurethane foam must be well protected from the air, eyes, and skin.

The two chemicals’ varied viscosities add to the challenge of constructing SPF “kits” It is challenging to maintain a precise mix during the procedure because one is thicker than the other.

Homeowners probably aren’t aware of the proper approach to accomplish it or the steps to take. They might be setting up a product that wouldn’t fare well in a fire.

Perfect Conditions Are Required

The temperatures and mixing of the two chemicals must be exactly as described in the application instructions, which compounds the issue with these kits.

In the unlikely event that all three circumstances hold, the sprayed substrate must be clean, dry, and at the right temperature.

To avoid issues, the sprayed surface must have less than 18 percent moisture content.

Be aware that while spraying, pressures decrease as the amount of material in the disposable containers diminishes. It is practically impossible to make a real “on ratio” foam once the pressures are out of balance. This is what we experts refer to as “poor foam.” This can happen when the material levels fall below half, especially if the temperatures aren’t ideal.

In other words, even with ideal spray surface conditions and preparations, there is still a potential of spraying a poor product.

It’s harder than one may imagine to tell when the foam is off ratio or “poor foam.” Occasionally, the foam appears flawless to the unaided eye, but soon after application, uncured regions begin to show through or contract.

Spraying “off ratio” foam may pose serious health concerns.

Suppose you insist on using disposable spray foam canisters. In that case, we advise using them only for very small repairs or projects, paying close attention to the directions, and taking all necessary safety and health precautions.


A qualified spray foam contractor’s normal price quote is about the same (per square foot) at one inch. This includes the surface preparation supplies, spray foam insulation in Saskatoon, and cleanup.

Regarding spray foam insulation, we strongly advise employing a qualified professional due to the high expense and potential health hazards.

Looking for a Saskatoon attic insulation contractor? Contact Polar Tech Spray Foam, the industry leader in spray foam insulation in Saskatoon. Our business offers skilled installation and removal services for spray foam insulation.

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