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6 Most Common Types of Building Insulation in Canada

There are various types of commercial insulation solutions in Saskatoon available today. Each type of insulation has its own unique set of benefits and drawbacks. To guarantee the most efficient and effective insulation possible, it is essential to choose the right type of insulation for your unique needs.

The type of insulation used is one of the most important considerations when developing a new building or modifying an existing one in Canada. 

Insulation plays a significant role in establishing a comfortable living or working environment in addition to having an impact on energy efficiency and heating and cooling expenses.

Given the variety of alternatives available, from straightforward fiberglass to complex sandwich panels, picking the ideal one might be difficult.

Here are the most important sources you should consider while choosing business insulation in Canada.

The Most Common Types of Building Insulation in Canada

Batt and Vapor

Batt insulation is one of the most often used types of insulation. Batts, often pre-cut insulation panels, have various R-values; the higher the R, the better the insulating ability. Combined with a vapor barrier, batt insulation gives your home dependable, efficient thermal protection against heat loss.


Concrete is a consistently preferred option for walls and insulation simply because it is a one-and-done solution. It is durable, long-lasting, resistant to practically all physical and environmental harm, and slow to decay and disintegrate. The main drawback is that it is frequently viewed as unsightly and tends to result in highly severe brutalist buildings.

Rigid Foam

Rigid foam has the same thermal properties as spray foam but doesn’t have coating properties. Rigid foam panels are difficult to install flawlessly, especially in rooms with unusual forms, and even little gaps can quickly result in large losses in energy efficiency.

Continuous rigid insulation also successfully prevents thermal bridging. Thermal bridging happens if assembly components with low R-values (such as steel or wood) extend from the inside to the structure’s exterior. 

In a typical structure, the wall cavities are insulated, but the window, door, stud, top, and bottom plates—which make up more than one-fourth of the wall area—are not. 

Rigid insulation can be connected to the exterior of the frame to produce a continuous layer of insulation that avoids thermal bridging and lowers thermal losses.

Rolled Fiberglass

Rolled fiberglass insulation is the most popular type used in new homes because it strikes a balance between cost and efficiency. However, fiberglass’s susceptibility to water (or other types of moisture) and inherent health hazards can also be detrimental factors.

Sandwich Panels 

Regarding tensile strength and thermal protection, sandwich panels are hard to beat. A metal-covered thick foam or fiber core in a two-in-one insulation system may resist significant damage without losing its insulating properties. 

Sandwich panels are somewhat more expensive than other types of insulation, but because they are simple to install and necessitate little to no upkeep, in the long run, they rapidly pay for themselves in terms of ROI.

Spray Foam

Spray foam insulation in Saskatoon is popular because of its low price, and certain variants can endure very high temperatures. It also penetrates every crack and crevice in a structure. It requires a lot of maintenance and repairs over time, though, and degrades swiftly.

Spray foam insulation provides various benefits for commercial buildings that may optimize comfort and energy efficiency. Mold development is efficiently stopped, and damp areas are sealed.


Leaving your insulation placed for an extended period without doing any repairs or maintenance may harm your health and the value of your commercial property. Contact a skilled, knowledgeable, equipped commercial insulation company in Saskatoon to remove old, safely deteriorating insulation.

Looking for a commercial insulation company in Saskatoon? Contact PolarTech Spray Foam, the industry leader in spray foam insulation. Our business offers skilled installation and removal services for spray foam insulation.

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