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What Are the 5 Benefits of Commercial Spray Foam Insulation?

Being a responsible business owner means creating a conducive working environment for your employees while ensuring energy efficiency. 

While most company owners may overlook their buildings’ minor cracks and holes, these openings can significantly impact your next energy bill. There’s nothing more frustrating than receiving a high energy bill payment, but it’s always possible to find ways to reduce your following expenses, such as through commercial spray foam insulation. 

Investing in commercial spray foam insulation services can help increase your building’s energy efficiency by preventing warm air from escaping and cool air from entering. It can also help maintain clean and healthy indoor air quality while creating a more comfortable space. 

This article will tackle how commercial spray foam insulation can benefit your company. 

1. It Helps Prevent Moisture and Mould Growth

Too much moisture in your commercial property can be dangerous because it’s the perfect breeding ground for harmful mould and mildew. These nasty organisms can also cause costly repairs and severe health issues to your employees if you don’t take action immediately. 

Investing in commercial spray foam insulation services can help protect more extensive facilities, like factories, retail stores, and warehouses, from water vapour, mould, bacterial, and fungal growth. It’s also an excellent way to ensure your commercial building has the best insulation to remain structurally sound and prevent damage. 

Moreover, this insulation type has great air-sealing qualities that can last for many years. 

2. It Reduces Allergens 

Being a responsible commercial facility owner means ensuring your workspace remains free from allergens. The best way to protect your employees’ health is by investing in reliable commercial spray foam insulation services. 

This insulation acts as a barrier against allergens, drafts, and pests by filling in the cracks and crevices, reducing the risks of allergies and flu. It can also increase your property by keeping our nasty pests and reducing energy costs. 

3. It Is Environmentally Friendly

Business owners must find eco-friendly solutions for their companies as more climate experts and advocates amplify the calls for sustainability. Investing in commercial spray foam insulation services can help create a greener planet. 

Unlike their traditional counterparts, spray foam insulation helps create a healthier living environment. It’s an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly alternative that’s unattractive to food, pests, or rodents, making it ideal for attics and walls. It also has safe and non-toxic materials and doesn’t emit any pollutants into the air. 

4. It Creates an Air Barrier

Spray foam insulation is an excellent way to protect your commercial property from the elements. Your service provider will apply it to the wall cavity’s exterior, acting as a heat and air barrier. It can help reduce the convection heat transfer load and keep your facility warm. While others can use open-cell spray foam in most places, it won’t provide a vapour barrier. 

5. It Helps Ensure Energy Efficiency

Regardless of your commercial facility’s size, you’d know that high energy bills can be frustrating. Fortunately, investing in spray foam services can minimise the strain on your HVAC systems by trapping warm or cool air inside the room. When your heating and cooling systems work less, they’ll last longer, saving you money on repairs and replacement costs. 

Sealing a Better Commercial Property

Every responsible business must find innovative ways to ensure their facility stays energy efficient. Hiring reputable commercial spray foam insulation services can help maintain your building’s best condition. 

PolarTech Spray Foam offers reliable commercial spray foam insulation services in Saskatoon for your property. Reach us now to get a quote!

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