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5 Frequently Asked Questions about Spray Foam Insulation

Being a responsible homeowner means insulating your property. This step can help ensure your house is comfortable, safe, and efficient. It’s also crucial in saving the environment because it can reduce the needed energy to warm your home. 

Besides fibreglass or mineral wool insulation, more people are investing in spray foam insulation to improve their homes. Unfortunately, despite the material being around since the 1970s, others remain unaware of its benefits. 

Moreover, people may be hesitant about this project because of the misconceptions and may naturally ask questions. If you want to create a better home for everyone, this article will answer five frequently asked questions about spray foam insulation.

Question 1: What Is Spray Foam Insulation’s R-Value?

The R-value measures how well an insulation material can stop heat from passing through it. The higher the R-value, the better it is at preventing heat from entering or exiting a space. 

Unlike other materials, spray foam insulation has a high R-value, making it an excellent choice for areas that need high-quality insulation. It provides six to seven more insulation than fibreglass insulation per inch. 

Question 2: How Long Will Spray Foam Insulation Last?

Many homeowners want an insulation solution that can last for years without much upkeep. This step is crucial, especially if you want to save time and money on maintenance requirements. 

Fortunately, spray foam insulation provides a lasting solution if you install it properly. The foam will stay and maintain its R-value for the home’s lifetime without needing maintenance or replacements. That way, you can save time and money on updating or upkeep costs. 

Question 3: What’s the Difference between Closed and Open-Cell Spray Foam Insulation?

Closed-cell spray foam insulation is denser than its open-cell counterpart, and homeowners can use it if their homes need higher insulation levels. It has a higher R-value, creates an airtight seal, and is more moisture resistant, making it ideal for areas with high humidity and moisture.

On the other hand, open-cell spray foam insulation is less dense than its closed-cell counterpart, and homeowners can use it in areas requiring lower insulation levels. It has a lower R-value than closed-cell spray foam and doesn’t create a completely airtight seal. It’s also more economical and more resistant to water vapour transmission. 

Moreover, you can differentiate the two options by their R-value. Open-cell spray foam insulation has a lower insulation rating of approximately 3.8 per inch, while closed-cell spray foam has a higher R-value of 6.5 to seven per inch. 

Question 4: Can Spray Foam Insulation Release Toxic Gases?

Other homeowners may hesitate to install spray foam insulation in their houses because they may be concerned about inhaling toxic fumes. While it may have a period of off-gassing after installation, remember that this effect is only temporary. After 24 hours, the off-gassing must stop, and the insulation should not release dangerous gases. You can avoid health risks by not entering the home for a day after the professionals install the insulation.

Question 5: Is It Okay to DIY the Spray Foam Insulation Installation?

While you can DIY the spray foam insulation, experts don’t recommend it because it’s a complicated process requiring expertise. Attempting the installation without the proper experience and knowledge can be dangerous and could result in disappointing outcomes.  

DIY installation can also have potentially adverse health and property consequences because it exposes you to hazardous fumes. Moreover, incorrect installation can off-gas harmful chemicals that can cause skin irritation and respiratory problems and increase cancer risk. Additionally, it can cause mould, rust, and ice dams, which can cause property damage. 

Insulating a More Comfortable Home

Spray foam insulation is one of a homeowner’s most valuable investments. You can enjoy a better house by considering your needs, educating yourself about the commonly asked questions, and working with professional contractors. 

If your home needs professional spray foam insulation in Saskatoon, let us help. PolarTech Spray Foam provides our clients with high-quality insulation installation and removal services. Contact us now to get a quote!

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