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A Guide to Knowing When to Replace Your Attic’s Insulation

Attics have a misunderstood reputation for being a neglected space for unwanted and unused items. However, they’re more than that because they keep warm air in and cold air out during the winter. 

Unfortunately, like other things, your attic insulation doesn’t last forever, especially if you don’t install it properly. It will withstand the daily wear and tear from the elements to keep your home comfortable. For this reason, you should let a residential insulation company add, remove, or replace your current attic insulation. 

If you want to ensure a productive project, this article will discuss the three common problems your attic may encounter and how to resolve them. We’ll also help you determine how much insulation your home needs. 

1. Too Little or No Insulation

Despite many homeowners or builders overlooking attic insulation, it remains a crucial part of any comfortable home. Other property owners may not have called their local residential insulation company to insulate their attics because building codes previously didn’t require insulation. 

You can correct this issue by looking for air leaks in the attic walls and sealing them. If there’s inadequate or inexistent insulation, ask a residential insulation company to add new insulation to protect the home from air leaks. 

How to Add Insulation to Your Attic

Before upgrading your attic insulation, you must determine if you should remove your existing insulation. In some cases, you can combine the old insulation with new materials.

However, if you’re considering spray foam, it’s usually best to start fresh and remove the entire old insulation. In contrast, you don’t need to remove any insulation if you have an uninsulated space. Next, determine what insulation works best for your needs and budget. 

What Are Your Options?

Your attic insulation options include fibreglass, cellulose, and spray foam insulation. You should also determine if you’ll DIY this project or seek professional help. While you can insulate your attic, it’s usually best to let a professional install the insulation. 

2. Too Much Attic Insulation

While it rarely happens, excessive insulation can lead to dangerous consequences, such as compromising structural integrity and enabling moisture accumulation, eventually leading to mould growth. 

How to Remove Your Excessive Attic Insulation

Removing old or damaged attic insulation is essential for ensuring the space can effectively block out the cold air and retain the warm air. Depending on your situation’s severity, your residential insulation company may need to remove or replace your insulation completely. 

3. Old or Degraded Attic Insulation

Sadly, your home’s insulation won’t last forever, and it can cause more distressing consequences if you don’t address your old insulation immediately. For this reason, you should always watch out for signs of damage, such as moisture, animal intrusion, or deterioration. 

Once you spot these red flags, let your residential insulation company replace the old insulation with new materials. That way, you can ensure your home gets the best protection. 

How to Replace Your Attic Insulation 

It’s usually best to let your residential insulation company remove and replace the old insulation with a new one. Doing this will reduce exposure to hazardous materials like mould or animal droppings. These professionals will also complete the job quickly and efficiently.

How Much Insulation Does My Attic Need? 

Insufficient or ineffective attic insulation can cause uneven heating and cooling, drafts, cold spots, and higher utility bills. Call a professional residential insulation company to determine what insulation fits your budget. They’ll inspect your home to identify problem areas and recommend customized solutions. 

Finding the Right Insulation Amounts

Proper attic insulation can keep your home comfortable throughout the year. You can create a more pleasant space by knowing the typical attic insulation problems and working with a reputable residential insulation company. 

If you need a professional residential insulation company in Saskatoon to insulate your attic, let us help. PolarTech Spray Foam provides our residential clients with high-quality insulation installation and removal services. Contact us now to enjoy a more comfortable home!

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