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Reasons Why Spray Foam Results in Better Indoor Air Quality

Spray polyurethane foam is a great way to reduce air leakage in a building. It is a material that is sprayed onto the walls and ceilings of a building to fill in cracks and holes, creating a tight seal that prevents air from entering or escaping. This not only improves energy efficiency but also helps to strengthen and protect the structure of the building.

Controlling the amount of air that enters a building can help to alleviate issues with air quality, heat loss and noise that can be a source of frustration for those who own and rent out commercial properties.

A good indoor environment can make a space safer, healthier, and more comfortable. We can show you evidence of this through our article on spray foam.

It’s Achieved by Sealing All Remaining Space

In other words, crawl spaces with inadequate insulation can become damp and humid, creating the perfect environment for mould growth. This mould can then be released into the air, leading to poor air quality and potential health risks to your customers or clients. Therefore, it is important to ensure that crawl spaces are properly insulated to reduce the risk of mould growth and improve air quality.

Air that circulates through your crawl spaces can eventually reach your business space. If you notice a musty smell, the mould will likely be present. Mould releases toxins that can be dangerous for individuals with breathing issues and cause health issues for anyone who breathes it in.

This foam insulation expands and fills any crevices, stopping air and humidity from getting inside. This removes mould and mildew that need to grow, improving air quality.

That’s Not All

By creating a barrier that stops air from the outside from entering, we can help ensure that the air inside the building is not contaminated with pollutants. This can help protect the health of those inside the building by providing them with clean and safe air.

This insulation is an effective way to create an air-tight seal in both open and closed-cell foam. This insulation can help block out mould, mildew, and allergens that can cause respiratory issues for those with allergies. It’s great for avoiding potential irritants and creating a healthier indoor environment.

In Closing

Using spray foam insulation, your business can provide a safe and comfortable environment for your customers and employees. This insulation will help seal off allergens from the air, while the HVAC system will ensure a proper balance of energy efficiency and air quality. This combination of insulation and air conditioning will give everyone fresh air.

Call PolarTech for Installation Today

Are you in search of reliable insulation services for commercial or residential purposes? PolarTech is your go-to source! Our team of experts specializes in installing and removing Saskatoon spray foam, ensuring you receive the highest quality of service. 

So while this kind of insulation is more expensive to install than other insulation materials, it has the potential to save you money on energy costs over the long term. It typically pays for itself within three to five years, thanks to the energy savings you will experience. 

Contact us today and know more about our services. We’re CCMC-listed, certified, and number one in customer satisfaction! Get a quote by calling 306-221-0333 or emailing!

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