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Commercial Services

Commercial Services

What makes a Commercial project different from Residential?

Most Insulation aspects for a Commercial Building are similar to a residence but come with some unique design requirements. PolarTech can accommodate those requirements.

Unique requirements may include the use of Injection Foam to insulate columns or steel frames for doorways. Whatever your injection foam requirements, PolarTech is available to fulfill them.

Under Slab Insulation – When considering the cost of laying rigid foam board and the labor to install it for under slab insulation why not cost effectively have PolarTech spray a 2 inch continuous foam layer on top of the gravel substrate which will not crack with the pouring of the concrete. This system not only provides insulation but, is a Certified (R>C>S), Radon Control System in one seamless installation.

  • Insulating Grade Beams
  • Under Slab Insulation
  • Parapets
  • Injection Foam
  • Insulating Structural Steel Beams

Whatever the Commercial Design Requirements, PolarTech can provide the service, the proper products for the application and get the job completed correctly.