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Slab Jacking (Concrete lifting)

Ready to raise that sunken concrete without paying a fortune for replacement?

It is possible to use a high density polymer to lift, level and stabilize your settled concrete slabs.  The best part is that it is a quick, easy and economical choice.

Raising concrete with foam is a permanent solution that can save you money and very quickly and economically improve the look and value of your property.

Why does concrete sink?

Although concrete is relatively durable, over time it can shift and sink with ground beneath it. This is especially true for climates that have extreme season cycles.

Over time, your once pristine and level concrete can sink and crack.  This can happen even quicker if the concrete was laid over stone or soil which was not properly compacted or where ground water has eroded the soil und the slab.

Are you avoiding having your concrete repaired, fearing the cost?

If left unattended, sunken, cracked concrete can become a dangerous tripping hazard or it can create other problems with your home or business when it causes water to pool.

Raising Concrete with Foam is The Best Alternative.  Repair rather than Replace.

Raising concrete with Foam, a polyurethane product, is very effective in lifting, levelling and stabilizing concrete.  It not only extends the life of your concrete but also saves you time and money while reducing your environmental footprint.  Foam is an inert material that doesn’t leach chemicals into the ground.

Book an Appointment to have our Professional Estimator attend your property, determine the cause of the failing concrete.  Measurements shall be taken so that a cost estimate can be prepared.